The Land that we believe in.

Join us in making it a reality.

Soul Action South Africa (SA Acc.)

Soul Action South Africa (UK Acc.)

Bank: Standard Bank
Acc. Number: 410196452
Branch: Windermere, KZN.
Branch Code: 042726

Bank: The Cooperative Bank,
Skelmersdale. WM8 6WT
Sort Code: 089299
Acc. Number: 6538158600
IBAN: GB71CPBK08929965381586

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Our school has and is growing

From an initial enrolment of 13 in 2020, to the fifty children – from different socio-economic backgrounds – benefiting from quality, diverse and affordable education in 2023, our school has grown and is set to grow more – together!

Be part of the unfolding miracle

We’re excited to be able to literally share with you an amazing opportunity to purchase 15 hectares of land, which even has existing structures in place.

One is a large open warehouse, with space for a piazza [square], where we can gather together, and at least four classrooms, with stacker doors leading to the outside learning space. The other is an old office that could – with some investment and person power – be used as such, or as our new Pre-school.

Now, the nature of this particular opportunity, added to the fact that our school needs to move by June, means that we have to act quickly – together!

Step 1: Love Mercy, now!

Be encouraged – literally take couragefrom those before you

We are encouraged by individuals who are already giving, in some cases, several thousand GBP, so be courageous and pray about what you ought to give.

Step 2: Act Justly, now!

Won’t you join us, now and “give all you can” (Wesley).

Philip & Rachel Bowyer, our co-founders, have responded by personally setting aside funds for such a time as this. So won’t you join them & give

Step 3: Share Humbly, now!

Share the cost; spread the word across your networks.

Once you’ve given, think of all the people you are connected to. If you shared this opportunity with them – and they share it with their networks – we’d raise the R17m ZAR (£740,000 GBP) in no time at all.

It is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you at liberty to neglect it.

– Pirkei Avot, 2:21