What Makes Us Move

– And Why –

Soul Action South Africa

Since inception in 2007, Soul Action – the KwaZulu Natal based Non-Profit and Public Beneficiary Organization, also known as ‘SASA’ – has sort to address South Africa’s consistent inequality and segregation as it’s gathering, training and mentoring families, religious, business, political and educational leaders.

Throughout the past 16 years, Soul Action, and the leaders it gathers, have been motivated by a vision of an equal and integrated South African society, where every person has opportunities to fulfil their holistic potential: cognitively, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

Founders Philip & Rachel Bowyer

What we believe in: an integrated and equal society

Our Foundation

Our co-founders are driven by their belief in a dynamically self-giving, social and unified God who welcomes, values and collaborates (McLaren 2012:130).  As bearers of that image, the school seeks to reflect this by celebrating, encouraging and making room for ‘the other’ (Tennent 2010:479). The school acts as a kind of micro society, a safe space to model what it means to be agents of change, who imagine, innovate and co-construct justice and peace (Bosch 1991:179). 

Our Calling

Rather than being educated, in order to get a job, to earn a living or build a career, our children tend to see, think and wonder about what they’re made for, the meaning of life and / or purpose – that’s their vocation! From the Latin vocare – “to call” – this involves distinguishing between the different ‘calls’ on our lives – from society, our superego, or self-interest – to discern the ‘work’ that we actually “need to do” and “the world needs to have done” (Buechner, 1973).  

Vocation, or the place God calls you to, is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

– Buechner (1973) Wishful Thinking.

What our students are saying about us

This school wants your child/ren to have a great education so, when they have a vocation, they can change the world.

Aged 11

I’ve been struggling to find the perfect school for 5 years and this one makes me stop being so stressed and worried.

Aged 11

It is a good school, I really like it, it is easier to make friends and do work than other schools because it is smaller.

Aged 11

There’s no such thing as an average day’s learning, but if there were, it might look something like this: