High Quality, Diverse & Affordable Education

Soul Action (NPO 076-225) / Game Changers School

Developing 21st Century skills in a child-centred, inquiry-based and Reggio-inspired learning environment. Celebrating diversity, as we grow more together and less apart.

Inspiring Good Habits. The habits of our school community have and continue to be formed, informed and reformed as we facilitate intercultural communication between our three ‘teachers’: adults, students and the learning environment.

Ethos Guided. Rather than work, being career-minded or getting a job, our children and staff speak of discerning their vocations – from the Latin vocare, “to call” – the place(s) where passion(s) meet the world’s needs. Since that’s what we’re created for; the meaning of life, our purpose, it is the point of education.

Driven by our values which push us beyond the obvious ideas to the truly innovative

Quality Education

Informed by global research, and locally contextualised practice.

Unity in Diversity

 Celebrating diverse thinking, disciplines subjects, and backgrounds.

Affordable Schooling

A sliding scale of fees in response to socio-economics.

We will find the future in places where new forms of human coexistence, participation, and co-participation are tried out…. ‘We learn this unity in diversity and diversity in unity.

– Cagliari P. 2012

Meet the Leaders and the Team

Our co-founders Philip and Rachel Bowyer, have more than 25 years’ experience of facilitating inter-cultural spaces within education, community development, churches, children’s and youth work.