Reggio-inspired, Inquiry-based

– Child Centred –

The dynamic curriculum balances the development of foundational literacies in math, language & science with skills in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, intercultural communication, collaboration, curiosity, initiative, persistence / grit, adaptability, leadership, & social / cultural awareness

Diverse Education

Making room for differences

As a school, we are committed to facilitating a culture which makes room for, embraces, and celebrates diverse thinking, disciplines / subjects, and backgrounds. We welcome families who long to develop deeper appreciation, respect, and understanding, through the mutual exchange of ideas about the past, present and future.

…no one is left unchanged because everyone learns from one another and grows together ‍

Schriefer (2016), The difference between multicultural, intercultural and cross-cultural

Our role as facilitators

The role of all our ‘teachers’ – adults, children and the environment – is to provoke, facilitate, document and respond to these diverse experiences, skills, and viewpoints – in an environment where there is freedom to voice, test, and (re)form them – stimulate the levels of creative problem solving and critical thinking your child requires in the 21st Century; where the facts are often unclear and the future is unwritten.

Affordable Education

Providing opportunities to learn how to grow more together, rather than apart

As one of the top 10 countries in the world – in terms of cultural and ethnic diversity – at the tip of the most linguistically diverse continent on the planet, we are of the opinion that South Africa has the potential to offer one of the best education systems in the world – provided we make the most of our diversity.

Our innovative, first of its kind, sliding fee structure, is inspired by the diverse incomes of our families. It enables the kind of socio-economic diversity, which – in our learning environment – acts as the starting for facilitating the quality of education that every student needs to thrive in the 21st Century (WEF).

Quality Education

Our Approach To Education

Informed by global research, and locally contextualised practice, our child-centred, inquiry-based, Reggio-inspired approach to teaching and learning enables children to discover for themselves in authentic situations, and to co-construct new knowledge alongside, with and in response to others.

Foundations &

Children develop knowledge, understanding and skills which are necessary to fulfill their aspirations and relevant for today’s society; knowledge and understanding in the foundational literacies alongside skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and innovation.


We are committed to being a school where the multi-intelligences, curiosities, creativity and capabilities of every child is recognized, encouraged and stretched, as they actively participate in their education and development; voicing, shaping, forming and creating their present and future.