A Special, Beautiful, Unique Country

– By Zac Bowyer

South Africa is a special, beautiful, unique country.

It is also broken, divided and riddled with inequality.

Gamechanger’s school (shown in the video below) transforms this division and brokenness.

It offers education that is diverse. Children from a range of cultures, incomes, races, countries and religions go to the school.

It offers education that values the child. The child is central. The child is not merely told what to think. Rather, children discover learning themselves. Children learn to wonder, marvel, and amaze.

Gamechanger’s school represents a microcosm of what South African society can be like. It changes children’s lives. These children will then change the lives of those they cross paths with.

It needs R17 million or £700 000 for land to continue to offer it’s education. Any amount donated, big or small, will be of help.

Make the dream land a reality.

Soul Action South Africa (SA Acc.)

Soul Action South Africa (UK Acc.)

Bank: Standard Bank
Acc. Number: 410196452
Branch: Windermere, KZN.
Branch Code: 042726

Bank: The Cooperative Bank,
Skelmersdale. WM8 6WT
Sort Code: 089299
Acc. Number: 6538158600
IBAN: GB71CPBK08929965381586

Or visit the Give & Gain campaign page.