We Won An Award!

We Won An Award!

October 2010


Soul Action South Africa, in partnership with Indlela, facilitates literacy lessons with approximately 600 learners each week in two schools in Amaoti, and one school in Durban North. The children range from 6 years old (Grade 1) to 10 years old (Grade 4). We work with the children and their educators four days a week, with the aims of:

  • jca2010-009edEquipping existing teachers to teach children to read and write in English through modelling, team-teaching, developing appropriate resources, and lesson plans
  • Empowering the children to reach their full potential by learning to read and write in English
  • Developing and training local tutors to sustain and manage the program in local schools

On Friday October 22nd Soul Action South Africa was presented with an ‘Education Award’ for school-level programmes of excellence from JET for the work it is doing in developing and improving literacy skills by working with both educators and children. The presentation was held at Nhlonipho Primary School in Amaoti, and the school did an amazing job at organising the venue. As you can see from the photographs, the event was held outside and It was a lovely warm day. All the children (Grade 3 learners) and the educators that are involved in the literacy program at this school attended the ceremony. In addition to this parents and members of the community were invited. The children thoroughly enjoyed the music and competitions that JET organised. It was a great privilege for the literacy team to receive this award and to be recognised for the work they are doing in the community.jet-2

Our vision is to see the literacy program being developed in other communities where there is a need. Please pray that God will clearly direct and reveal who we should be partnering with to enable this to happen.

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