Young Emerging Leaders Update

Young Emerging Leaders Update

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February 2010

On the last Saturday in February 2010 we launched our brand new Network for Young and Emerging Leaders. We asked churches and projects who are connected to Soul Action South Africa to nominate young people (aged 18 – 30) who they felt would benefit from being part of a leadership development programme, Christian young people who they felt had leadership potential. Well, what an amazing and inspiring day we had together! Twenty three young and emerging leaders attended our first meeting and have committed to be at the other three sessions that we will run during the year.

yel-feb10-459edThe day involved four main areas of focus: The value of You, Peer mentoring, The Value of Others, and The Value of Leadership. Throughout the day the activities were facilitated in an interactive way to enable the young leaders to explore and grasp for themselves a value of self, others and to consider what type of leader they were. All the Young and Emerging Leaders responded well to the activities and fully participated. They worked well with their peers and there were lively discussions all round.

Session 1

In The Value of You explored where individuals get their personal sense of worth from. We looked at the media and compared it to a Biblical perspective found in Psalm 139.

Session 2

The session on Peer Mentoring involved considering the different forms of mentoring, thinking through why peer mentor, who with, and the values to aim for in doing mentoring and being mentored.

Session 3

The Value of Others involved looking at images of people (some famous, some not), and how there’s a tendency to value people due to their position, personality, power, physic or popularity. During this session the group looked at John 15: 1-16, we specifically emphasized that they are chosen, appointed by God and called to be bearing fruit that will last.

Session 4

The last session, The Value of Leadership, included an activity to find out what kind of leader everybody was, before considering the positives and negatives of each style. We finished by waiting on God prophetically, seeking and writing down what He wanted to say to each of the Emerging Leaders who were gathered there.

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