Young Emerging Leaders Update

Young Emerging Leaders Update

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On May 29th 2010 Soul Action gathered it’s Young Emerging Leaders (YEL’s) to think about How Jesus choose his YEL’s, which involved considering the different skills, temperaments and roles of Jesus’ disciples.

Aims and Objectives:

  • to think about how Jesus chose emerging leaders
  • to think about our own skills, temperaments and roles
  • to consider Biblical examples of Godly men and women
  • to explore our individual hopes, dreams, fears and challenges

The day consisted of 4 sessions:

  • A presentation on how Jesus choose his 12 YEL’s
  • A Bible study and feedback session on different exmaples of biblical leaders
  • All about You – completing Personal Profiles
  • Facing our Hopes, dreams, fears & challenges

The leaders at the training were challenged to build the tallest free standing tower they could that would hold a chocolate egg. One person in each group observed the team members during the activity and noted each persons skills, temperaments and the role they took during the activity. I am sure you will agree that the towers are amazing which was the result of the leaders working together and communicating well.

During the Bible study we explored the characteristics of Godly men and women. Each group choose a profile of a Bible character and considered what was Amazing, Challenging and Encouraging about that leader. Each group had time to feedback what they had discovered to the larger group. This proved to be a time of exploration and discussion as people questioned and asked for clarification on what was been said.

Each leader was asked to complete a profile about themselves, including what they believe is God’s mission for their life. We really believe God is using these men and women and they need your prayer support. If you would like to pray for one of the leaders please send an email to and Rachel will send you a profile of one of the leaders.

We finished the day by thinking through the kinds of hope’s, dreams, challenges and fears we have, and will have, to face in order to emerge and become the kind of leader that God has in mind for us.

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