Young Emerging Leaders Update

Young Emerging Leaders Update

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On the last Saturday in August 2010 the Young and Emerging Leaders (YEL’s) we’ve been meeting with gathered for the third time this year.

picture1Aims and Objectives:

  • to understand what we mean by ‘power’
  • to explore and develop a Biblical understanding of empowerment
  • to have the opportunity to reflect on stories of empowerment
  • to develop tools to empower others

There were four workshops during the day:

  • Understanding and explaining Power
  • Biblical exploration of empowerment
  • Empowerment case studies from around the world
  • How can you empower people?

picture4The day involved input from Phil and Rachel Bowyer, throughout the day the activities were facilitated in an interactive way to enable the young people to develop an understanding of what we mean by power, to develop tools to empower others and to develop a Biblical understanding of the topic. The Young Emerging Leaders responded well to the activities and fully participated. They worked well with their peers and there were lively discussions.

The session on Power included playing a game that challenged the participants to communicate things that need power, to consider when they feel power-full and power-less and to define what is meant by empowerment.

picture2The session on Empowerment involved developing a Biblical perspective by looking at examples from when Jesus worked with his disciples, that:

  • Jesus shared information
  • Jesus created boundaries
  • Jesus encouraged teamwork

In addition to this each participant had the opportunity to make rock cakes following the principles that Jesus modeled (sharing information, creating boundaries, encouraging teamwork).

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