Cool Timeline

November 20

An equal and integrated society

Soul Action launched it’s Game Changers campaign in the UK with audacious plan to find 360 individuals and / or groups who will pledge to..Read More
February 28

Address the injustices that are nearest

In the financial year ending February 2015 Soul Action prayed more, hosted more gatherings, coordinated more events, started more initiatives, facilitated more training, received more..Read More
May 21

Early Childhood Development Initiative

Rachel and Phil were introduced to many crèches within KZN when they mapped Christian’s response to poverty in 2008. In response to God’s prompting and..Read More
January 12

The Best of What is

To kick off 2014, Soul Action invited 50 leaders to evaluate the organisation as part of an Appreciative Inquiry: “…a method for studying and changing [organizations, communities]..Read More
November 30

Hope Market / Business Development Initiative

On the final Saturday in November 2013, Soul Action and Grace Family Church – the church that had supplied tools to the ladies who previously..Read More
September 27


Soul Action’s CHT Group met again in Sept 2013 to discern what the ‘STAND’ film meant for South Africa. Again God spoke about breakthrough emerging through regularly meeting..Read More
February 14

Make a STAND

In the early part of 2013 Phil was approached – repeatedly – by our friends at Soul Action/Survivor (UK) with a request to visit and film what..Read More
October 18

Counter Human Trafficking

Whatever activities, ideas, strategies or tasks we’re involved in, it is vitally important to first acknowledge that God is the source, initiator and goal of..Read More
November 28


God’s desire for ‘space’ began to emerge in 2011 at a global gathering of Inspired Individuals in Durban (see photo).  Prior to a short worship time, Sean Callaghan..Read More
October 22

Education Award

In 2010, Rachel received a community ‘Education Award’ for school level programmes of excellence – read more here.  By 2016 the literacy project had developed into..Read More
October 15

The Dynamic of All Prayer

Returning to South Africa (from the UK), Phil and Rachel’s prayer group continued to meet and practice listening to God in everyday life.  The group began exploring different techniques of..Read More
September 12

Mind the gap

In September 2010, a few evenings before the Bowyer’s were due to fly to London for an awareness and fund raising tour, Phil had one of..Read More
March 12

Listening to God

Phil writes how, “2010 was a significant year for many reasons, not least because it was the first time God told us to: “Shut up!” At..Read More
February 22

Registered Charity

In February 2010 Soul Action South Africa registered as a Non Profit (076-225) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO: 930 033 937) in South Africa.  Previously it..Read More
July 12

Education Initiative

As a result of volunteers and funding from Soul Survivor, Soul Action South Africa’s co-founder Rachel Bowyer, began to develop and deliver a literacy program..Read More
July 8

Soul in the City

Soul (Action) in the City Between July 8th and July 21st 2009, three hundred and fifty volunteers (mainly from the UK) served 26 Christian organisations and 30 local churches..Read More
April 12

Gathering Non Profits / Leaders Network

At Soul Action’s first gathering in April 2008, forty representatives from local projects and churches met to connect.  In the year ending 2015 over 700 different individuals,..Read More
September 27

Do nothing…

Phil and Rachel Bowyer begin to lay the foundations for what would later become Soul Action.  After leaving behind their UK-based families, church and careers in development..Read More
August 10

We must go

In response to God’s clear instruction to “Go!” Phil, Rachel and their son Zac Bowyer first visited South Africa in August 2006.