The Nest Commune

The Nest Commune

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tncThe Nest Commune ( NPO 129 Р026 ) Рa Shelter for the homeless.

The Nest Commune is a shelter for 120 adults, 18 years and older, who are homeless. It practises a Christian ethos and is open to male and females of any religious persuasion, culture and creed.

Residents are charged R 35 per day which entitles them to accommodation, ablution facilities, access to laundry facilities and two meals a day We provide counselling facilities and try and facilitate employment opportunities.

The Nest Commune relies on the sponsorship from our community to enable us to clothe and feed those who find themselves in a difficult place in their lives.

The proceeds of our venture today will be used to buy mattresses for The Nest Commune. All the residents have assisted in making the products to sell and to raise funds for the shelter.
The toilet roll craft has also been taught to the residents so that they have an opportunity to earn money for themselves.

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