In August Soul Action held its Annual General Meeting, reporting on the year ending February 2013. This was followed by one of our ‘theological conversations,’ at which everyone was invited to think about the Kingdom of God. We began by cutting images from magazines – which everyone thoroughly enjoyed – to make a montage of the places we find ourselves in daily. Phil shared how Jesus’ words, “The kingdom of God is in the midst of you” (Luke 17:21), includes everything in our montage.

Phil explained how though the phrase Kingdom of God doesn’t feature in the OT, Israel, the 1st hearers of Jesus’ words, would have immediately recalled God’s promise to reign again as King of the entire created order, starting with Rome! Some theologians, incl. SA’s David Bosch, believe Jesus was eventually killed because His Kingdom didn’t meet Israel’s expectations.

“Jesus’ kenosis, his self-emptying, began at his birth. And it was because of his identification with those of the periphery and his refusal to act according to the conventions of his day that he was crucified” (Bosch 1991:513).

Although the world tries to force change with big visible actions, Jesus chose kenosis: “nothing” (Phil. 2:7). The Kingdom comes not only by, “mighty shoves” but by the “tiny pushes” that are ruled by God daily (Helen Keller). Jesus not only became nothing but did, “nothing by himself” apart from what He saw, “the Father doing” (Jn 5:19). To finish, Phil invited everyone to reflect on our montage & ask God to reveal, through prayer, what He’s doing, wants to do & what He’s not doing in our lives.

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