Teaching Staff

Child-led, inquiry-based and Reggio inpired

With their capabilities, creativity, curiousity, and multiple intelligences, we believe every child has the right to be an active participant in their own learning and development.  As role as educators is to model what it means to be life-long learners as we dialogue, listen, observe, provoke learning, research, respect thinking, welcome questions, and work with each students’ unique cultural experiences, ideas, and views.  To ensure an intercultural context of exploration, teaching and learning, our staff plan, teach, document, review, reflect and re-plan collaboratively as a team.

Intentionally withdrawing as a team, to encourage the children collaborate independently in small groups.


Principal Leaders

Philip and Rachel Bowyer, each have more than 25 years’ experience of facilitating ‘intercultural’ spaces within the fields of education, community development, children’s and youth work; regionally, nationally, and internationally.  As well as published-authors and Accredited Christian Ministers, they bring a diversity of thinking, disciplines, and backgrounds, including: Art, Design, Mathematics, Music, Special Educational Needs, Theology, Play Therapy, and Youth Ministry. 

As part of their journey towards quality, diverse, and affordable education, Philip and Rachel have piloted, researched, and traveled extensively; as a result, their philosophy of education is influenced blended learning and the workshop model (South Africa), the Reggio Approach (Italy), Inquiry Learning and Modern Learning Environments (New Zealand), the Positive Education Model (Australia), Uncommon Schools (USA), and a thematic approach to learning (Finland).

Recent Thoughts

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