Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops

August 2012

At a meeting to evaluate how the Literacy Project was working in July, teachers shared how they would appreciate input in certain areas.  It was decided to look at these areas in a workshop in August. The aims of the workshop were for the educators:

  • to be able to pronounce the letter sounds,
  • to develop an understanding of how to introduce letter sounds with GR and G1,
  • to develop skills in blending sounds to read words,
  • to develop skills in structuring a shared reading text.

In July the Director of the Literacy Project, Rachel Bowyer, facilitated the workshop with 22 teachers. It was very practical, teachers got involved, and experienced the activities.noisy-lettersAbove you can see the teachers taking part in an activity called ‘Noisy Letters’ – each person was given a sound and they had to find the other people with the same sound. They could only do this by saying the sound itself – as you can see from the photo they really enjoyed this activity. Feedback after the workshop included:

“I now know how to say the sounds.”

“Such workshops need to be conducted at a circuit / ward level for other educators to benefit.”

“I will use real objects to support learning.”

“Facilitator was very clear and the workshop was interesting.”

“I benefitted from the practical suggestions.”

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