Romie Govender

Romie Govender

Romie leads Finesse Financial Solutions, where she has a vision to break financial bondage by assisting South Africans who are struggling with debts to realistically assess their financial situation and by negotiating suitable repayment programmes to assist clients to repay their debts while protecting their assets and enjoying a reasonable lifestyle.

FFS LOGOFinesse’s mission is to utilise Romie’s knowledge, experience and skills to combat over-indebtedness and to promote a culture of responsible financial management in our society by providing financial literacy training and counselling thereby reducing financial stress and setting consumers free from financial bondage.

Romie is passionate about financial literacy and personal financial management, and would like to get involved in providing financial literacy and money management training to equip and educate people to manage their finances better and to be better stewards who are able to bless others.  She is also equipped to help set people free of financial bondage since she is a registered debt counsellor with almost 30 years banking experience.

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Debt Counsellor/Financial literacy trainer

  • Romie Govender

Tel: 084 250 2356 / 031 209 2356

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