Maskey health services

Maskey health services

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It is an NGO at Umlazi ward 85 started in 2003. It was established as a result of increased number of orphans and vulnerable as parents dies from HIV/Aids, TB and cancer.

The rate of unemployment and poverty became high due to HIV/Aids. Children were starving which make them to die early in disease. The stigma was an issue again,people were scarred to come out and talk about their status. The main purpose of the project is to transform HIV/Aids, Tb, Cancer sufferers from being victims into survivors. To help infected and affected children to grow like any other children. Those that are hopeless are told about the power of Word of God. Maskey is having dedicated nurse volunteers and care givers who render services without expecting financial gain.

Our services includes Home base care, feeding scheme, religious classses, support group etc.

Maskey can always use unused items such as clothes, toys, books , furniture etc we request them to our children. Something that is rubbish to you can be a treasure to this children. We also need some gardening tools for the youth hooked in Woonga to keep them occupied.


R831 Umlazi Vusi Mtshali Road, Umlazi 4031.

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