Reflecting on success

Reflecting on success

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How do we measure success when working with people?

What are we measuring and what changes are we wanting to see?

Within the education programs we facilitate ‘success’ is partly measured by the quality of education being provided by the teachers within the pre-schools and schools we are working alongside.

In the context within which we work, we believe that in order for change and for an improvement in the quality of education being offered we need to provide appropriate training and support. Workshops and regular support visits complement one another and aid the success of our programs.

Let me explain in more detail…

Workshops enable people to develop knowledge and understanding, teaching methods can be modelled and practised, and people have time to discuss the relevance of approaches to their specific setting. Regular visits provide the necessary support in helping people to apply what they have learnt during a workshop to their context.

Recently a workshop was facilitated for teachers working with Grade 1 children. The teachers are experienced at the teaching of sounds therefore during the workshop we explored methods to support children to use their knowledge of sounds to read simple words. A few days after the workshop support visits were provided for each Grade 1 teacher. During those visits staff were assisted. Each teacher required support to enable them to fully implement the teaching method.

By training, working alongside and supporting people positive change takes place, we observe changes in practice; children are taught relevant skills and develop knowledge and understanding thus the quality of teaching improves.


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