Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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Rachel Bowyer reflects on benefiting from training facilitated by one of the leaders who usually attends the regular leadership gatherings Soul Action facilitates in Durban every other month.


Daryl’s training is designed to support organisations, and businesses, as they develop plans to achieve their long-term goals / strategic planning. Over the two days we covered four key areas:

  • Understanding Appreciative Inquiry
  • Tools to support in developing a strategic plan
  • and, application to our own specific context(s)

Through Daryl’s excellent facilitation, a number of inter-connected activities helped me see how discovering our strengths – by focusing on a specific time or piece of work in the past – supports in dreaming for the future. Add to this, appropriate analysis tools, and a design / plan can be developed.

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To make the most of the Appreciative Inquiry process, one needs a clearly defined objective. It could be anything from fundraising, retrenchment, to starting something new. I chose to focus on developing a strategic plan for the school. By the end session – as a result of the training and coaching – I was able to:

  • write an action plan of the steps I need to work through with others (as it is a consultative process) to develop a 3 year strategic plan for the school
  • develop a plan of how to facilitate the Appreciative Inquiry approach to ensure we achieve one of our goals of being ‘transcultural’

On the Sunday (the training ended on the Friday) I was sitting around the table with others thinking creatively about what we need in place to accomplish our dream. First thing on Monday, Phil and I began think-ing about what we need more of, less of, and what’s missing from our plan to establish a school.

In reflecting on the process I found this way of working – i.e. blending the Appreciative Inquiry approach with analysis tools – incredibly helpful. We all have goals we want to achieve, and what is great about the process Daryl facilitated was that it helps people to discover the ‘positive core’ of what has already passed / exists, which really helps the process of imagining what could be. It is a way of facilitating a shift that eliminates the ‘buts’ and ‘doubts’. The pragmatic tools have really helped to move us from our dream, to the design stage, to developing a long-term strategic plan.

To find out more about the training Daryl facilitates visit ingeneum

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