Staff Changes

Staff Changes

February 2011

In February Mpume, one of our tutors, decided she couldn’t work as well as study for her qualification in Social work and so made the decision that she needed to study full time. We hope that she will have a successful year and wish her all the best in her chosen career.As a result, Indlela – one of the projects we partner with in Amaoti – decided to employ a young lady called Ntombi as our second education tutor. Rachel has spent the last two weeks training and working alongside Ntombi to ensure she is equipped to work with the children and teachers within the schools. At present, Ntombi (left) and Kholiswa (right) are working in two schools within Amaoti with classes of Grade 2 and 3 children and small groups of Grade 4 children. We hope and are planning to begin working with a third school in Amaoti later in the year. We remain committed to building on the relationships we’ve developed within our Durban Network and exploring the possibilities of partnering with more projects which identify the development of basic literacy skills as a need. Two additional projects are keen to use the model Soul Action has developed and to working together to empower both children and teachers in schools – we are extremely excited about ever increasing opportunities!


February also saw the visit of Grace Munyosi from Mbale in Uganda. Grace works with groups of women in her community, and she has also begun to work alongside the schools, supporting them with the teaching of English. The aims of Grace’s visit was to explore how the literacy program we have developed here in Durban could be used in the schools in her community. Grace was able to spend time in the schools developing practical skills in order to facilitate phonic lessons, as well as develop skills in planning lessons and understanding the skills children need to develop in order to be able to read and write. Grace returned to Uganda with an action plan of what she was going to do in order to make this a reality in her community. Rachel plans to visit Grace in Uganda later in the year to see the schools she is working alongside and to offer continuing support and training.

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