Why we gather

Why we gather

Relationships – we worship and follow a participatory God, who invites us to establish covenant relationships with himself and others.  God blesses where two or more gather in His name.  To remain isolated, separated, or ‘tunnel visioned’, runs the risk of missing some of the things that God has for us – we are better together.  We come together with one heart for a common purpose – development – to see people recognise and reach their own potential.  We are comforted and challenged in meeting others you’re hungry to see God’s perspective.  Each of us has a unique role in the body of Christ.

Listening – before, during, and after we turn faith into action; we recognise the need to feed our souls.  We seek to be spirit filled Christians, who read, explore, and listen, to God’s written and spoken words.  We recognise the importance of hearing the still small voice of God and value the space to be with and actively listen to God.  Our desire is to get a better picture of what God is doing in the Midlands.  Our prayer is simple, “Dad, show us what are you doing.” Our aim is to start where God is at, where He is already working.  Here’s how we listen to God.

Best praxis – we are a group of people who in sharing our journey of faith together value the space created to develop different approaches to Christian development.  We believe in peer education and shared learning.  We enjoy the freedom to be able to ask, listen, and share what God is saying or doing, compare this to what’s currently happening, explore how God works and who He is, and find ways to continue or change our practice for good.  We outwork theology practically and simply – our thinking about God informs what we do, and what we do informs our thinking about God.

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