Shop1Over the past few years Soul Action, working together with Grace Family Church, have organised the Hope Market. This is a non-profit, community development initiative that seeks to offer opportunities to emerging business men and women to generate income and learn from the basic business experience of selling their home-made, hand-made or crafted products.

Shop2This market only takes place once a year. NPOs and entrepreneurs need more consistent and regular places to sell their craft. We have been gathering together a group of NPOs who work with entrepreneurs in their communities. The last few gatherings have focussed on the possibility of running a co-operative shop or website. Our discussions focussed on exploring the pros and cons of each.

At our last meeting we decided to go ahead and begin the process of setting up a shop in a physical location in KZN. We will meet up this month to establish the vision and aims of the shop. These are very exciting steps forward. We are looking forward to seeing how God opens up opportunities for this group.

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