Shared Reading

Shared Reading

July 2013

SASA’s Literacy Project’s vision is to empower children to reach their full potential. To achieve this we’ve chosen to support teachers in low economic communities by working with schools to teach children to read and write in English. One of the ways Soul Action supports teachers is by facilitating workshops. In this case the teachers had asked for support with shared reading. The Department of Basic Education (2011, p.17) states that since the, ‘Apartheid legacy will remain present for many years to come…it will continue to be necessary to address these legacy problems directly in the design of in-service training and in the way training programmes are targeted towards teachers.’ In July, we facilitated a shared reading workshop, with the aim to develop an understanding of what is meant by, and how to facilitate shared reading During the workshop the 19 teachers were able to:

  • explore what shared reading is
  • look at, and understand, the different elements of shared reading
  • consider the advantages of shared reading
  • think about shared reading in relation to their specific context
  • develop their own shared reading texts
  • explore shared reading in relation to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement

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