Rhyme and alliteration

Rhyme and alliteration

The vision of Soul Action’s Skills Development Program in schools around Durban is to empower children to reach their full potential by learning to read, write and communicate effectively. The early childhood development years that a child is in crèche are significant in laying a firm foundation on which reading and writing skills can be built.

With this in mind Soul Action is working alongside Mariannridge Community Centre (MCC) to support eight crèches in the Mariannridge area to include phonological awareness in their curriculum.

We held our second workshop on developing phonological skills recently.  The focus of the workshop was to build up a knowledge and understanding of activities to support learners to:

  • play with rhyming words
  • make alliterative phrases

Through a reflection process we shared what activities the educators had attempted from the first workshop and what they and the learners had enjoyed about them.  Providing knowledge is not enough to ensure a child learns.  We explored different ways that children learn by looking at different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic/tactile.  By completing a survey the educators could establish their own learning styles and see the impact that this could have on how a child learns.  We spent time exploring how we could apply this to our classroom environments.

Playing with rhyme and alliteration are two important skills that learners need to develop phonological awareness.  We shared in groups ideas of activities to encourage the children to develop these skills.  We then looked at other ideas to compliment these.  The group enjoyed seeing how they could make their own resources from the everyday things they have around them.

The workshop will be followed by classroom visits to encourage the educators to implement the activities they were exposed to in the workshop.  This is an important aspect of the program as it encourages positive change in everyday teaching.

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