Quality Education

We have a high definition of quality which utilizes a child-centred, inquiry-based and Reggio inspired approach to learning, where children are free to express themselves through the language of, ‘drawing, painting, building clay and wire sculpture, shadow play, collage, dramatic play, music, and emerging writing, to name a few’ (Edwards, et al., 2012:7), alongside science, technology and mathematics, and so on, as they respond to complex challenges collaboratively, creativity, and critically, within a context that values curiosity, adaptability, and cultural / social awareness, etc.

World Economic Forum (2015), A New Vision for Education.


We are committed to being a school where the unique capabilities, creativity, curiosity, and multi intelligence of each child are recognized, celebrated, and encouraged. We believe that given the opportunity to voice, listen, shape, reshape, form and reform their questions, theories, and activities, children see the possibilities of co-creating futures together (Rinaldi C., 2001, p. 195) .


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