Project Management Course

Project Management Course

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Soul Action’s new Project Management Course has got off to a great start.   Over 25 people signed up, demonstrating that practical knowledge is much appreciated by organisations within the Soul Action Network.   Since generally we prefer to facilitate training in small groups of +/-15, we will be hosting a second Project Management course from February 2013 onwards.


Contact Soul Action’s Training Coordinator Renske Fitzjohn at to add your name to the already the waiting list for next year.

The project management course basically gives people the right language and principles around project management. Much we do in our daily lives could be considered project management. So it really is a case to apply those principles, give them words and put them in the right order. The course is mostly about the planning side, the preparation, of Project Management – not so much the execution of the projects.

One of the students, Buck Davy (below left) from KwaCare, puts it this way: “Measure twice, cut once.” Which pretty much sums up what the course is about.


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