Practicing reading

Practicing reading

Practice is essential in consolidating any skill we have learnt. The more we practice, the more efficient we are at using the skill.  It is the same for reading. The more learners read and practice the reading strategies they have learnt, the more fluent their reading will become.

This month we held a workshop with Grade 1 educators on how to plan for and facilitate shared reading. In shared reading, the learners read along with the educator who demonstrates speed, tone and how to use reading strategies. This practice is crucial in consolidating reading skills and strategies.

In the workshop we looked at the stages of shared reading which are:

  • introducing the book
  • an overview of the book
  • reading the text
  • further readings for teaching grammar, phonics or text structure

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The educators were encouraged to consider how to incorporate a variety of types of text in shared reading (non fiction, poetry, instructions etc.) and to even have a go at writing their own text to suit the context of the learners and what they are trying to teach. Throughout this section we considered how the educators can use the reading strategies covered in the previous workshop when facilitating shared reading.

The educators had a go at planning shared reading from the isiZulu big books which were available. We are excited to see how the educators plan and present shared reading and the impact on the learners, especially regarding how they use reading strategies.

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