Curiosity & Creativity

Holistic GrowthSoul Action is passionate about people, since we believe, we are uniquely created to be curious, creative and capable.  As such, we aim to provoke learning and discovery, by making space for people to think critically and see problems as opportunities to be solved.

Some of the most useful theories on learning date back to the 70’s, when Malcolm Knowles identified the six principles of adult learning:

  • Adults are practical
  • Adults are goal oriented
  • Adults are relevancy oriented
  • Adult learners like to be respected
  • Adults are internally motivated and self-directed
  • Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences

Dale’s (1946) ‘Cone of Experience’

Theories suggest that people are more likely to act on what they’ve said and done, than what they’ve read or heard (Dale 1946), which is why we strive to create learning environments where people:

  • Are able to hear the message, see it and practice new learning and / or skills
  • Interact with and learn from fellow participants in group work or discussion
  • Feel emotion about a message & do physical activity to emphasize learning
  • Apply learning to knowledge they have & their own life experience / needs
  • Have equal opportunities to participate but do not feel pressured to do so
  • Feel their ideas, input and suggestions are vital, appreciated and accepted
  • Are treated with respect and feel they are equals with the facilitator
  • Do not feel threatened or fear being embarrassed or laughed at
  • Have the opportunity to explore and process their thoughts
  • Apply what they are learning and have learnt immediately
  • Receive encouragement and praise, even for small efforts
  • Can share ideas with a facilitator and fellow participants
  • Are not corrected, unfairly criticized and / or judged