Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

October 2012

During the past few months, Rachel Bowyer has been supporting the four tutors from the Domino Foundation as they have been peer mentoring one another. Peer mentoring is defined as two people, of equal status and similar experience, mentoring one another in order to facilitate some form of change. Background to Peer Mentoring People involved in peer mentoring need the context they are working in to be safe – peer mentors need to be able to trust each other, there needs to be a mutual respect. Within this safe environment, peer mentoring provides a space where people can critically reflect upon their practice, learning conversations can take place where people are able to explore & discover. Learning through Peer Mentoring Throughout the process, the ladies have observed each other teaching. The ladies used the process to develop skills in managing the children’s behaviour. Each week, Rachel has encouraged the ladies to reflect on what they have seen, and consider how this impacts on their own practice. Below are some of the key things they have recognised, which have changed their practice in the classroom. The ladies identified:

  • the need to get the children’s attention at the start of the lesson
  • that you need to manage behaviour constructively
  • that praising the children improved their behaviour
  • that the management of the children’s behaviour impacts on the pace of the lesson
  • strategies to manage behaviour, i.e. praise, clear instructions, rewards for children who are behaving – stickers / responsibility, clear expectations

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