Parental Participation

Running schools without the parents is unthinkable…Parents – in child-led, inquiry-based and Reggio Inspired schools – are a part of their development rather than just “customers” who drop off their children to professionals who make all the decisions.

Södergren and Wiking (2009, p.15),
‘Afternoon Tea’ for parent-carers, initiated by the children,organised by staff (March 2018).

We believe establishing, sustaining, and developing quality, diverse, and affordable education is a shared responsibility between the school’s leadership / staff team, the child, their parent-carers and the wider community.  Research shows that where parent-carers are prepared to commit, co-learn, and contribute towards their child’s education, those children are more motivated (Okeke 2014). 

As a leadership, and teaching staff, we want to be intentional about developing genuine, meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships with our children’s parent-carers – and the diverse communities they represent – by prioritising practices, rhythms, and ‘ways of being’ that accommodate, celebrate and promote relationships that are welcoming, inclusive and life-enriching for all.


Come, join us

If you are a parent-carer, we would encourage you to take a closer look at our ethos, values or habits, and, if you are interested to hear more about quality, diverse, and affordable education in a child-led, inquiry-based and Reggio Inspired school, feel free to arrange an appointment with us.

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