Parent and Toddler Project

‘Parenting support programmes, a proven intervention for building constructive parental-child relationships and effective parenting practices, are critical to support parents who are raising children in a context of high levels of poverty, chronic illness and disability, violence and other social risk factors.….There is practically no support provided to parents and families to fulfil this role – support which is urgently needed in the South African context’ (National ECD Policy 2014 Draft, p.30).

Soul Action’s Parent and Toddler Project intends to address the issue of ‘no support’ by working directly with parents and caregivers. The vision of this project is to empower parents of pre-school children to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment where their children can grow holistically and reach their God-given potential. This is achieved by working with partner organisations from the Soul Action Network to offer parent and toddler groups in communities where at present there is very little support for parents/caregivers at home with under 6 year olds.

The parent and toddler group runs for a morning once a week for pre-school children and their parents/caregivers to attend together. It aims to provide;

  1. a well-resourced play space where children and their parents/caregivers are encouraged to spend time playing together
  2. Parents/caregivers with holistic developmental knowledge and practical activities to use at home to help their child grow well
  3. a place of support where parents/caregivers and children can connect socially with others in their community