For a few years now Soul Action has been very aware of a need for a space where people from communities with low or no formal incomes can sell what they make – offering them a hand up, rather a hand out.

The thing that’s been holding us back is that although we’re connected to people behind the products, the nature of our work has meant we didn’t have enough connections with people who’d actually come and buy these products. But by partnering with other organisations, and as a result of some of the relationships we’ve developed with more resourced churches and communities lately, they’ve been able to provide the market to make a Market a possibility. Some of the products sold at our first Christmas Market included:


It was a fantastic morning with many people attending, one person sold all his products within the first hour! Visit our Facebook page for more photos.Screenshot 2014-11-06 08.57.30

Soul Action’s Diane Fick was given responsibility for leading and managing this initiative – she did a wonderful job, doing everything possible to make the Market successful. Diane facilitated the planning team, made sure all the different tasks were done on time and liaised with all the entrepreneurs / stall holders. It’s been wonderful to stand back and see her take on this role. From 2014, Diane is going to be giving more of her time to Soul Action, it will be exciting to see where God leads!

PLEASE PRAY: as we meet with the entrepreneurs in January to evaluate the market and to consider what to do in the future.

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