‘NPO Know How’ Series

‘NPO Know How’ Series

This year Soul Action’s Center of Excellence organized for the second time a series of one day workshops called the NPO KNOW HOW series. We covered four topics: Facilitation, Governance, Fundraising and Enterprise Development. All four topics are relevant to people working in non-profit organisations, and the NPO Know How workshops seek to connect people in order to learn from God, each other and experts in the field.

Facilitation: During this day the Soul Action team members explained the basics of Facilitation. In groups people explored the values underpinning facilitation and the facilitators helped participants grapple with some of the key aspects of facilitation, such as creating a safe space, including creativity, listening well and preparing the process of facilitation well.

NPOKN FAC 2014-1

Governance: This day was very content based and served young and emerging NPO’s well in the sense that they got a good understanding of the different legal structures available to an organisation, as well as the requirements for registration with SARS and Department of Social Development. Thanks to a very knowledgable Andre du Toit! In the afternoon a very engaging Karabo spoke on the interplay between board and management.

Fundraising: This day was attended well: 36 participants! Which goes to show that everyone feels the pressure to fundraise. During this day we thought about how the life phase of your organistaion (young, emerging, mature, etc) requires a different approach and focus within fundraising. We also thought about different channels for funding and how to engage with corporate funders in a professional manner.


Enterprise Development: This day, attended by a small group of people was almost mind boggling. The ideas and opportunities in the Enterprise

NPOKN ED 2014-1

Development space can really create value for non profits – but it’s a new area for many organisations. Many stories from around the provence were shared and people were encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas.

As the training coordinator, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the facilitators that helped make these four days so worthwhile and meaningful for all the participants: Mickey Wilkins, Joe White, Andre Du Toit, Karabo and the Soul Action team members: Phil, Hannes & Diane!

In 2015 we will continue the journey with another series of NPO Know How workshops. We are really interested to hear your suggestions for topics – contact Renske below

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