NPO is the acronym for ‘Non Profit Organisation,’ the definition that we give to charities operating in South Africa.

In his book Imagining the Kingdom, James K. A. Smith says Christians should be, “…concerned not only with the what but also with the how, because Christian faith is not only a knowing-that but also a kind of know-how.” (2013:174).

Smith goes on to share how leadership involves retuning people’s emotions, desires, imagination, perception – the rhythms of nonconscious, i.e. things we do without thinking we do. “This is how our hearts are lifted up to the Lord and recalibrated to be aimed at the kingdom of God” (p. 15).

So whilst its true ‘NPO Know-How’ is the latest addition to our training portfolio, I’d like to think it’s much more. Whilst its about increasing knowledge on how to run an organisation, its also about bridging the gap between what we know we should do & what we do, its about nurturing habits that go on, “quietly under the hood without me ever thinking of it, sort of like the engine of a Prius that takes you to market even if you forget its running” (Smith p. 82).

Our first gathering in August considered strategy, where along with the usual vision, purpose, values, aims, objectives, stuff I (Phil) spoke about how listening to God ought to be the thing that informs our faith and action – one of my favourite subjects!

In Sept we’re focusing on funding, where I intend to share and encourage conversation on ‘a theology of fundraising,’ specifically how our attitudes to God, our church tradition and cultural background all work together to influence our praxis – but more on that in next months update!

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