National Minimum Wage

National Minimum Wage

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The National Minimum Wage, set by the Department of Labour, takes into account the needs of workers and their families, cost of living, level of wages and incomes in the country, level of employment, capacity of employers to pay. [1]  The Department of Labour identifies 14 sectors, each with different rates of Minimum Wages, including:

  • Wholesale and retail sector: R10 – 12 per hour
  • Contract cleaning sector: R12 – R14 per hour
  • Domestic workers: R7 – 8 per hour

That would mean a Domestic worker working 45 hours a week, the maximum number of hours before overtime should kick in (Department of Labour 2016) [2], their wage would amount to +_R350 per week, just under R1,500 per month.  According to the International Labour Organisation (2013), the average monthly earnings of employees in South Africa is R8,193.93 ZAR.[3]

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