Multi-cultural school: key values

Multi-cultural school: key values

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Soul Action has a dream, a dream to establish a multi-cultural school.   The vision behind the school is based on values which are really important to us.  Read more to find out about these values..

The school will have a Christian ethos, outworked through:

Valuing the whole child means providing a classroom environment where children love learning with all their hearts, mind and soul (Matt 22:34). Teaching will encourage holistic growth – cognitively, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially – in the way that Jesus, “…grew in wisdom, and in stature and in favour with God and people” (Luke 2:52). As well as a platform to develop knowledge, understanding and skills, education should offer much more.

Safe space is essential for children to learn effectively; “It is well known that when students do not feel safe, it undermines learning, teaching and healthy development” (National School Climate Center, 2016). A child’s right to be protected from discrimination, neglect, abuse and exploitation is part and parcel of creating a school where children develop holistically. Soul Action will establish procedures to ensure children are educated in a safe environment (see relevant policies for more information).

Multi-sensory teaching caters for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners; because Soul Action recognises that each child is unique and learns in a variety of ways. Research shows that, “If we provide a variety of pathways for learning to occur, we are more likely to reach all students and each is more likely to grasp the concept” (Knowledge to Action Guide, 2014). We will offer a stimulating environment where every child can develop to their full potential.

Excellent education for all is vital since every child has a right to a good quality education; one where they fulfil their God-given potential. The highest standard of education allows every child to positively contribute to society, have better job prospects and the opportunity for economic independence. Branson et al. (2012, p.12) describes how, “…inequalities in terms of school quality can undermine efforts to reduce earnings and income inequality.”

Greater equity and equality are the basis of a more integrated society – Soul Action believes education is the catalyst. Dr Gallie (2015) explains how, “…the current structure of the education system dictates that if you’ve got more money, you have a better education.” To overcome inequality, Soul Action sees a new model, where school fees are linked to income, everyone paying proportionally, similar to the way tithing works in many churches.

Partnership between a parent / carer, teacher and pupil are essential, since research shows that when parents are involved in education children perform better (Okeke, 2014). The school expects parents to relate to the school, we’ll aim to develop effective ways in which partnerships can develop.

Respect means, “Due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others” (Oxford Dictionary 2016). Soul Action envisions a multi-cultural school where children from different backgrounds learn side-by-side, as we believe that when children understand and learn about different cultures they can appreciate and develop a respect for each other.

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