Soul Action believes that facilitating space for people from different cultures, races and socioeconomic backgrounds engage is a catalyst towards a more integrated society. Diversity ought to be something to be celebrated, since research shows diverse spaces improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In Soul Action’s experience, as people spend time together prejudice reduces as they begin to understand one another, greater levels of empathy and respect develop as people learn about and from each other.

Soul Action’s various initiatives, within the business, charity, church and education sectors, act like micro-societies, where people have the opportunity to learn how to interact with others as democratic citizens within a public space.

  • A multicultural society is where several cultural, racial or ethnic groups live alongside one another, but each group does not necessarily engage / interact with each other
  • Cross-cultural acknowledges, compares or understands different cultures / races, and, whilst is can bring about individual change, it generally doesn’t result in collective transformation. One culture is often considered the norm or dominant culture, and all others are compared and / or contrasted to this culture
  • Intercultural or trans-cultural describes communities where there is a deep understanding and respect for all the cultures. Interaction focuses on the mutual exchange of ideas, norms and developing deep relationships.  No one is left unchanged because everyone learns from one another and grows together

Soul Action’s innovative approach supports people as they develop as citizens, by establishing a sense of belonging, by creating opportunities for participation, and by encouraging a desire to make a positive contribution to society.