Midlands Network

Midlands Network

Leaders met in the Midlands for what’s growing into a really significant gathering. ‘Growing,’ as attendance is increasing, & ‘growing’ because levels of trust, openness and awareness of God are deepening with each meeting.


One of the questions posed in September was how one tells the difference between what is God’s will & what’s not. For example, how does one know when something is difficult and it’s time to give up, or when it’s hard work because that’s where God’s wants you? We discussed the importance of spending time with God, how it can lead to a greater sense of identity / purpose, and, how this certainty + availability is what Jesus models in the NT

During a time of waiting / listening to God someone had a picture of a moving walkway in an airport. Although everyone was walking the same way, those on the travelator found it easier / faster (personally, I always worry I’ll get stuck behind someone & it will end up taking longer – I guess I’d prefer to remain in control). Someone had the words, “Wait on me” & felt we needed to put our ‘weight’ on God. 2 other people both had the words, “Stand firm” (Gal 5:1). There was a general consensus that the only way to stand any chance of knowing we’re following God is to spend time with Him.

“Development is about people doing what they’re not meant to do and you getting to watch them do it.”

…a thought that came up in conversation, that we might pick up next time.

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