Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

As well as the normal content we include in our phonic workshops, this term we introduced peer mentoring to the Grade 3 teachers we are working alongside. Over the next few weeks the teachers will peer mentor each other so we wanted to give them time to think through what peer mentoring is.

The teachers were asked to share what the word ‘mentoring’ meant to them. I highlighted what the research says in regards to peer mentoring and the teachers identified within this what was new. The table below shows the key points from their feedback.


It is hoped that through peer mentoring the staff will support their colleagues by helping them to identify what they are doing well, the teachers will learn from one another and good practice will be further developed.


During August and September we are also peer mentoring each other as a Soul Action team.  I have partnered with Phil and we are mentoring each other.  Phil came with me to this workshop and observed me facilitate the session.  I observed him presenting at our recent Annual General Meeting / Network Gathering.  We are hoping that through focussed observations we will learn from each other.  We will meet next week to give each other feedback.

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