Making Progess

Making Progess

October 2011

In this month’s update we share an example of the progress the children are making in terms of reading and spelling phonetically. On the right are graphs showing the progress children are making in one particular class:

  • literacy-oct-11yellow represents the below average group
  • blue represents the average group
  • pink represents the above average group

This class consists of 80 children, 65 are taught in the whole class context, 15 are taught in a small group (the children who need additional support). As you can see all the children are making progress in learning letter sounds. The average and above average group are able to apply what they are learning to the reading of simple words. During the final term (Oct – Dec) of the school year we are focussing on developing blending skills with the below average group, and spelling skills with the children who are performing at an average and above average level. Exciting partnerships with other projects Since the beginning of September, Rachel has been having discussions with the leadership of RidgeCity and Mariannridge Co-ordinating Committee (projects based in a community to the east of Durban) to see whether the Literacy Project would be appropriate for the children from the primary school within the community, as low levels of literacy are a serious concern. Rachel, RidgeCity and MCC met with the Principal and Deputy Principals to talk about the project and to gauge their thoughts. They had an incredible response as the leadership of the school are eager to see the children’s skills improve. As a result Rachel facilitated a brief workshop in October with all the educators from the school, with the purpose of giving an overview of the skills children need to develop in order to be able to read and write. In January 2012 RidgeCity, MCC and Soul Action will work together to facilitate the Literacy Project within the school. Two members of staff will work with the children four days a week; Rachel will train and mentor the staff members. Initially the tutors will work with either five classes of Grade 1 or Grade 2 learners, approximately 225 children.

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