Literacy Goals

Literacy Goals

Thursday 12 September

In September Rachel gathered the 3 literacy teams together as part of Soul Action’s Education Stream.  Diane Fick, Soul Action’s Literacy Coordinator, facilitated a conversation on what Jesus modelled in Luke 10 verses 1-22, when he sent out the 72.  Every literacy tutor engaged in the Bible study with such enthusiasm.  In small groups the ladies considered the insight the passage gives into the way Jesus worked and how this applies to their context. The ladies were encouraged to think about the value of planning, acting, reporting back, celebrating and evaluating.

Since evaluation & reflection is an aspect of work tutors find challenging, we’re going to spend time in our individual teams reflecting on their personal goals by thinking about:

  • new goals or challenges they’ve taken on over the last few months & how much progress they’ve made on each
  • areas they would like to focus on over the next few months and what needs to be put in place to make sure they achieve their goals

We hope by starting with their own lives the tutors will benefit from taking time to reflect and evaluate.  We hope to use this to develop skills in evaluation and reflection within the work we do on a daily basis.


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