Literacy Gathering

Literacy Gathering

June 2012

June saw the end of the second school term, so before the holidays we decided to gather Soul Action’s literacy tutors and the people that manage each team together. We wanted to create a space where the tutors could:

  • begin to get to know each other
  • celebrate and share highlights from their work
  • consider challenges they encounter and discuss possible solutions

This was the first time we had bought all the tutors together – the ladies had a great time getting to know one another & it was wonderful to listen to the highlights from the work they are involved in. There was an incredible feeling of togetherness, as people shared highs and lows. As we sat and listened whilst each lady shared it was quite overwhelming. Fourteen ladies working into three communities were talking about how they were working with children to improve literacy levels. One could never have imagined the project would be benefitting a total of 1,000 children every day considering it started with two groups of Grade 4 children back in 2009. Please pray for the project as we attempt to make links with the Department of Education, specifically that we would be able to meet with the right people and take the appropriate next steps in moving the project forward.

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