Big Books

Big Books

Tuesday 15th October

In September we received a wonderful donation of shared reading books from an organisation called Biblionef. We have put these to good use immediately with the Grade 3 classes we work with. As an organisation we have been working with these children since they started in Grade 2. Through the lessons the tutors facilitate the children have learnt to recognise and pronounce sounds, blends and digraphs, using this knowledge to read and write words.

The shared reading books (big books) enable the children to apply the skills and knowledge they have developed to the reading of a book. The literacy tutors are receiving training on a weekly basis of how to use the books with the children, and then they are putting what they are learning into practice, using the books with the children.


The children are really enjoying reading the books.

They are showing a good understanding of what they are reading. During the lessons the children are focussed and are wanting to participate. The books are such a fantastic resource, and the children are loving reading.

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