_MG_2184Leaders are so important. Leaders steer our organisations and through the time and energy they invest have the potential to transform so many lives.

But who supports these leaders? Who invests in to them as they give out so much?

During 2015 Soul Action spent time reflecting and listening to God. Through this time we sensed God was asking us to invest time specifically with the leadership of Christian Non Profit Organisations and businesses that we have being working alongside for the past nine years; leaders who are seeking to bring justice in the contexts God has called them to.

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Therefore throughout 2016 we facilitated a leadership initiative for 35 leaders.

During 2017 forty leaders will be part of the initiative which will consist of:

  • Gatherings – leaders come together every other month to connect with each other, to discuss, receive input, reflect, pray etc.
  • One to one meetings – a member of the Soul Action team meets with a leader on a one-to-one basis every other month to act as a sounding board; providing a safe space for leaders to test ideas etc.

If you would like any further information or would like to be part of the leadership initiative please complete the form (left).