Leadership development program

We believe one of the long-term goals of any program we initiate should be sustainability. LandLearn NSW (2016) define sustainability “as an ability or capacity of something to be maintained or to sustain itself.” As Soul Action we desire to work in a way that supports people to develop appropriate skills so they can do something for themselves.

Therefore we facilitate both skills development training for educators and a leadership and management program for leaders. Leaders are key to sustainability as they have the power to ensure something continues and to maintain standards.

The program for leaders consists of termly workshops, in conjunction with support visits. Workshops are facilitated at the start of each term, the following topics are covered:

  • assessment of phonic knowledge
  • why and how to support, mentor and motivate staff
  • how to give feedback which recognises achievement and highlights areas for further improvement
  • how to plan, prepare and facilitate professional development
  • how to support staff when bringing change

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Each Head of Department receives a one-to-one visit every term. The purpose of the one-to-one visit is to support the leader in applying the content of the workshop to their specific context.

During 2016 we trained and mentored six leaders from six schools in one community which ensured the sustainability of the phonics program, thus benefiting 31 teachers and 1500 children.

The program was evaluated at the end of 2016 and it was found that leaders had benefited from the program in two keys ways, those being:

  • development of knowledge and skills to lead and manage staff
  • confidence in ability to lead

The skills the leaders developed supported them in their vital role as they lead and manage staff.   Please click here to read the full Evaluation Report.

LandLearn NSW (2016) What is sustainability? [online], Available from www.landlearnnsw.org.au/sustainability/what-is-sustainability [Accessed 16 Feb 2016]