The leadership of Youth for Christ / KZN had the privilege of completing a Leadership Development Course from July – November 2013, trained by Renske Fitzjohn of Soul Action.


The directors and co-ordinators of Youth for Christ / KZN attended 6 thought-provoking, interactive sessions on leadership topics and the making of an effective leader. Each session allowed us to reflect on our own leadership skills and which factors contribute to our individual leadership style. God’s word provided a foundation for each session. What does God say about leadership? What does He say about “Mandate” or “Building Community”?

In addition we worked through various theoretical models which contribute to effective leadership. No two sessions were alike! Renske facilitated each session so uniquely, there was no room for boredom!

In the sessions we were often taken out of our comfort zones, stretched to think critically on our leadership styles, share reflections with colleagues and work together as a team. Each session provided fresh learning and great encouragement in building a more authentic leader. As an organisation we thank God for the opportunity to have received such valuable training. In the various positions God has entrusted us, our desire is to be more effective leaders in serving His people.

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