Leaders Gathering February 2017

Leaders Gathering February 2017

In February we held our first leaders gathering of the year.  All the leaders who were part of the ‘program’ last year, seven new leaders, plus a group of visitors from the Hub Church Hitchin participated in the gathering.  The focus of our time together was the evaluation report that was facilitated with the leaders towards the end of 2016.

Reflection and learning
Apart from a devotion, most of the content for the morning came from the leaders themselves, as a result of the online survey we circulated in October 2016. All that was left to do, as facilitators, was consolidate the data in to more manageable forms, and structure the morning in a way that would encourage reflection and learning.

Leaders identified the key strengths of gatherings and one to ones, and highlighted that they were more vulnerable and open during one to one meetings compared with the gathering contexts.

Ownership and action
To increase ownership leaders were asked to identify areas where:

  • they as individuals could take greater responsibility for their own growth and development
  • action was required as a whole group

The group related actions for 2017 include:

  • a silent retreat
  • connect intentionally
  • increased time to draw nearer to God
  • conference / training on partnership

The morning concluded with time for God to allow each leader to identify their take away action; the area / step they needed to take responsibility for.

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