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From a handful of initial relationships, Soul Action has spent the last 10 years building a network of 100s of Non Profits that facilitate 100s of projects within 100km of Durban.  In profiling some of these projects, it is not our intention to promote instant or ‘off the peg’ solutions, but to provoke you to take the most appropriate next step and see what’s possible in your context – rather than a destination, begin with discernment in mind.  Start by clicking to explore by categories, or entering a keyword to search:

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‘One of the most frequent mistakes made is to short circuit the process of discernment…by taking something off the shelf or by assuming that something that worked well somewhere else will automatically work where we are. No-one is suggesting that the shape of each fresh expression must be unique, only that it fit its context’ (+ Graham Cray, 2013).

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