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Imagine an consistently equal and integrated South African society – it is not a pipe dream, it is a future reality, that we believe starts with our children, teachers and parent/carers co-learning how to live together (rather than growing apart as they current do), in a quality education system, because it is diverse, because it is accessible – to all.

Soul Action is in the process of establishing a ‘game-changing’ school where children from a whole range of cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds gather together to fulfil their whole potential.

Quality ∵ Diversity ∵ Accessible

Alongside child-centred approaches which encourage the ‘foundation literacies’ of languages, numeracy, IT, science, finance, and cultural / civic awareness to emerge, the diverse inter-cultural nature of the school means it is conducive to fostering ‘competencies’ such as critical thinking / problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration, alongside ‘character qualities’ such as curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership and cultural / social awareness – 21st Century skills the World Economic Forum acknowledges every child in a democratic society requires to thrive, today and in their as yet unknown future (2017).

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To ensure quality education is accessible to children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, school fees are calculated on a sliding scale, according to each family’s household income.

Opportunities to Partner

In June 2018, Soul Action’s co-founders Philip and Rachel Bowyer returned from a fact-finding tour of Europe, the US, UK, Israel and Australasia, where they were able to research child-centred education that is bringing freedom around the world.

Ready to apply what they have learnt to the unique South African context, they are looking to form partnerships with businesses, charities, churches and / or individuals who are willing to add their expertise, finances and practical support to positively transform South Africa for all, for good.

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