On ‘living with one foot raised’

On ‘living with one foot raised’

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As a Christian-led organisation, Soul Action’s objectives are informed by the daily opportunities that our diverse nation presents and our image of a dynamically relational, social and unified God, who leads by example in making room for the other along the Way.

Whilst we are free to journey in any number of uncharted directions, without any predefined conclusions, outcomes or progression, we are intentional about seeking to bring transformation to life, by celebrating, facilitation and participating in contexts that value curiosity, creativity and every person’s capacity to self-discover, co-construct and co-operate with one another for good.

A journey of contemplative prayer & Anti-Human Trafficking action between 2012 and 2013.

What follows are some of our just thoughts, next steps and reflections on the quality, diverse and accessible practice we’ve experienced, instigated and observed as we’ve set out trajectory towards our goal of greater equality and increased integration in South African society:

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‘Indifference leads people to root out provincialism, prejudices, aversion to risk and the attitude that “we’ve always done it this way.” And when people see the whole world as their home, they can turn a hopeful, interested, and optimistic gaze toward new ideas, culture, places, and opportunities. By freeing themselves from inordinate attachments that could inhibit risk taking or innovation, they become poised to pounce imaginatively in new opportunities. And looking at the future with optimism, they become more likely to find those opportunities and solutions. Loyola Called it “living with one foot raised”’

 Lowney C,. 2005. Heroic Leadership. p. 281-282.

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