On ‘living with one foot raised’

As a Christian-led organisation, Soul Action’s objectives are informed by the daily opportunities that our diverse nation presents and our image of a dynamic God, who leads by example in making room for the other along ‘the way’.

Whilst we are free to journey in any number of uncharted directions, without any predefined progression or conclusions, we are intentional about seeking to bring change to life, by celebrating, participating in and facilitating contexts that value curiosity, creativity and every person’s capacity to self-discover, co-construct and co-operate with one another for good.

A journey of contemplative prayer & Anti-Human Trafficking action between 2012 and 2013.

What follows represents a collection of just thoughts, next steps and reflections on some of the quality, diverse and accessible practice we’ve experienced that are bringing transformation to life, and contributing to our goal of greater equality and increased integration in society.

Will all this competition be the death of ‘us’?
I woke up, glanced at the previous night’s football results – as I always do before jumping into the shower
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Parenting and Education
January is upon us, and within the next couple of weeks, children in South Africa will start to embark on
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Contemplating compromise, and bringing ‘indifference’ to life
Do you ever overhear something, talk to someone, or find yourself in a situation that challenges a certainty that you
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Freedom to ‘fail’
When you hear the word failure what images or situations come in to your mind? What emotions do you associate
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The highlights of co-leading
As I reflect on my time in South Africa, one of my personal highlights has been the opportunity to meet
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“Philip” on his ‘Sweet Spot’
Rachel has written previously about how we were asked live on UCB Radio what we felt had led us to
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When obstacles to freedom become the stepping stones to liberty
“I have great confidence in the future. God’s love will triumph over every obstacle, but it seems like wants to
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Deep listening is miraculous
As part of our ongoing work with Christian leaders from the business-world, charities and the Church, we have been facilitating
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Why are we waiting?
After a thorough tour of the multicultural and bilingual Kindergarten / Preschool operating out of the YMCA in Jerusalem, Phil
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Practicing the Art of Hospitality
During our ten week long research-based sabbatical we – Phil and Rachel Bowyer – as the co-founders and co-leaders of
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