Integral Mission KZN

Integral Mission KZN

If you’ve been keeping track of our news you will recall how we reported on our National Consultation on Integral Mission in June, where leaders from across South Africa met to think about God’s mission with nothing left out. Misión integral is a Spanish term developed in Latin America out of a desire to break down some of the barriers which exist between evangelism & social action. Integral Mission proposes that God creates everyone with the potential to grow holistically, & following Jesus involves trusting God in all areas of life, i.e. physically, intellectually, spiritually, socially & emotionally – just like Jesus (Lk 2:52).

In September we met to think about Integral Mission again, this time for a conversation with a smaller group of leaders from KwaZulu Natal. We started by asking people for the key thing they came away with from June’s Consultation and how this has impacted their work.


The main things people fed back were i) how the mission is God’s, He has a plan, and our role is to find creative ways to join in with what He’s doing; ii) since Integral Mission involves a holistic approach to development it requires the whole body of Christ to play it’s part and provides opportunities to work together and build Kingdom rather than empires; iii) the church needs to remember its God given mandate to address the intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs of people rather than just focus on ‘the spiritual’; iv) similarly, projects – whilst they may not need to be convinced of the need to address intellectual, physical, emotional and social poverty – should recognise that they also have a spiritual role to play. We all thanked God for the growth / fruit we were already seeing.

Soul Action’s Phil Bowyer spoke about how God had been challenging him to ‘mind the gap’ and to listen to Him more. We spent time in silence resting in God’s presence and then listening to Him. Each small group fed back what they felt God had shown them during ‘the gap’. God seemed to be saying something about pausing, waiting and listening to Him; about joining, dancing, and spending time with Him; about movement, energy and the value of connecting; about remaining flexible, and following Him rather than programs; about relationships and mentoring rather than models; about what’s in our hands and starting small rather than planning too far ahead.

It’s worth noting that God seemed to be repeating many of the same things that He had said at the National Consultation on Integral Mission in June, and before that at the International Consultation on Integral Mission that Phil attended in the UK in April.

You will find more on September’s KZN Conversation on Integral Mission by clicking here


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